Purchasing another business can be a great opportunity for a company to expand its reach and resources. However, the process of business acquisition can involve some pitfalls and complications. Follow the tips in this article to make the process go more smoothly.

Tip 1: Decide Why You Want to Do It

To make the most of a business acquisition, it’s important to understand why you want to purchase another business. Possible reasons include expanding into a new product line, removing competition, and acquiring employees and resources that complement those that your business already has. Knowing why you want to buy a business will allow you to make better plans for the rest of the process.

Tip 2: Research Carefully

The entrepreneur John Rampton, writing for Inc.com, points out that research is absolutely key for a successful business acquisition. For instance, you’ll want to thoroughly review all of the financial and tax documents that you can access. Additionally, make sure the business you want to buy is up to date on its licenses and permits.

In fact, you may want to hire outside help for this step. Options include valuations firms and business brokers.

Tip 3: Plan for Expenses

There’s no way around it: Buying another company is not cheap. Make sure you have money set aside for expenses, both expected and unexpected. You may also want to look into financing, such as a business line of credit, that will give you some cushioning for cash-flow issues.

Tip 4: Anticipate Changes

It is likely that you’ll need to make some changes to your existing business as you bring another one into the fold. You’ll need to decide on a managerial strategy for the new business—and its people and resources—under your purview. Identify employees who may be stretched too thin and give them the support they need.

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