An effective business leader can save a struggling company or elevate an already-good one to greatness. For a look at how they do it, this article goes over some factors successful leaders in the business world have in common.

Confident Professionalism

Different companies have different cultures, but this is nearly universal: To succeed as a leader, it is essential to display both confidence and professionalism. This means dressing the part and conducting oneself in a way that earns respect.

Ambition and Vision

People are very unlikely to follow leaders who don’t believe in themselves. That’s why ambition is key: Leaders need to consistently display a drive to succeed.

Vision is another part of the recipe. This is what gives ambition focus and makes it productive. Vision involves being able to set up a path that will make your ambitions a reality.


This one is simple, but it still deserves highlighting: Integrity is a must. Leaders who are honest and altruistic stand a much better chance of inspiring others to follow.

Strong Communication Skills

Clear, consistent communication is vital if you want employees to start—and keep—following you. This means keeping people up to date with the information they need to know to succeed. It also means being able to listen respectfully so that people feel heard and valued, as pointed out by Business Insider’s Allana Akhtar and Caroline Hroncich.

Speaking Ability

Tying in with the theme of communication, the ability to speak well is a huge plus for any business leader. Great speakers leave their listeners feeling both respected and inspired. A mix of humility and confidence in the right doses is key.

Ability to Work Together

No matter how great a leader is, he or she won’t possess every single skill a company needs. That’s why the ability to work with others is critical. A good business leader collaborates with other members of the company to leverage their strengths for the good of everyone.

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