Business growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need to use fundamental marketing tactics to bring attention to your business online. Here are the most important online marketing basics for your business:

  • SEO: Make sure your website contains relevant keywords that searchers will use when seeking your product/services online. Search engine users commonly include cities, towns, neighborhoods, etc. in their queries—so be certain to include these on your website. As you expand your service area, and as trends change, you may need to add to your initial SEO keywords with new content. Keep updating the keywords you use over time.
  • Blog: Fresh content gets Google’s attention, helping you to rise in search results. Simultaneously, interesting, problem-solving content makes you a valuable resource for website visitors. This content builds trust and keeps them coming back, allowing you to sell to your visitors immediately, or nurture the relationship toward a sale (or repeat business).
  • Social media: Expand your online footprint beyond your website by maintaining a vibrant, active business page on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google business, Yahoo (consider starting a video channel with helpful how-to’s), LinkedIn and more.
  • Premium content: Generate leads by requesting email addresses, in exchange for downloading your valuable content, such as an eBook or case study. The premium content should showcase your expertise and help the user with related issues. The email address is a lead, that allows you to continue marketing to the visitor, and building a relationship so the recipient will think of you when they need related services.
  • Subscriptions: Send an email newsletter to that email list. If it is great, the newsletter may get shared/forwarded to bring you, new subscribers and potential customers. In addition, the regular contact keeps you top of mind with the recipient.

If you are missing any of these key marketing elements for your business, work on adding them to your marketing mix to fuel healthy business growth.

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