Protect Your Investment With Franchise Financing

Monstera Lending Group helps more than new businesses, we also offer franchise financing. While franchising is an opportunity to adopt a proven business model, it begins with a significant contribution on the owner’s part. Franchisees need to protect their interest by supporting their franchises with equipment, locations, remodels, and refinancing. Financing can provide the money to get a business profitable enough to be self-sufficient.

Advantages of Our Franchise Financing

We focus on tailoring our financing to the needs of your business, creating a set of terms that works for your company. The Monstera Lending Group franchise financial program includes benefits such as:

  • As high as 90% loan to value
  • Have money to provide working capital
  • Rates start at 6%
  • Prompt closing and easy commitments
  • Provisions for first-time owners
  • Terms of up to 25 years
  • We do not charge pre-payment penalties

Build Your Franchise Today

Financing can be the difference that helps a business succeed. Our knowledgeable financial specialists can assist you in choosing a loan that frees up your cash for other parts of your franchise. Our great product does not stop with our outstanding programs, we also provide exceptional customer service and personal attention to your business. Contact Monstera Lending Group to learn about what franchise financing can do for your business.