Gain Funding and Get Rid of Your AR Department

Monstera Lending Group offers financing receivables as a non-traditional, alternative method of raising money for your business. Account receivables financing can be a major advantage for companies that sell services or products to customers that pay up to 90 days or more.

Why Choose AR Financing?

This financing allows you to pay expansion costs, operating costs, payroll, inventory, and bulk or early payment discounts. Not only do you receive free credit insurance, AR financing also includes:

  • Financing for all industries
  • Prompt cash distribution in 24 hours
  • Credit insurance on your customers and clients at no additional cost
  • No recourse, no fixed payments, and no personal guarantees
  • Funding growth with sales and receivables increase
  • Protection from arbitrary loan board decisions
  • Money for fulfilling sudden or large orders

Who Chooses AR Financing?

Monstera Lending Group works with a diverse range of businesses including those in bankruptcy, companies losing money, and start-ups. Accounts receivable financing does not require collateral and the credit is based off the credit of your customer. Because you do not need to give out part of your business with AR financing, you retain current ownership of your company.

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