Business travel is a completely different thing from personal travel. If you’re packing like you’re taking a vacation, you might forget some business essentials.

Don’t forget these 12 accessories that will help you focus on business while you’re away.

  • Wireless earbuds – save space by packing earbuds that will let you listen to music on the plane and make calls when you’re on the ground. 
  • Hand sanitizer – avoid germs in airports and hotels by using hand sanitizer. 
  • Battery pack – it’s always a good idea to have a backup battery to charge your phone. Find a small, but powerful one that will travel well. 
  • Foldable keyboard – avoid taking your laptop and save space by packing a foldable keyboard that connects to your tablet or phone. 
  • Performance workwear – look for suits that won’t wrinkle whether you’re wearing one or packing it. Invest in travel-friendly clothing that will look professional. 
  • TSA pre-check software – get through the airport quickly by investing in software that helps you skip the TSA lines. 
  • Carry-on luggage – for business travel, invest in a quality carry-on bag that expands with your needs. You won’t have to worry about losing your documents or clothes and you’ll save time by not having to wait for luggage to be unloaded. 
  • Travel wallet – a travel wallet keeps all your important documents together when you’re traveling. Peace of mind and accessibility. 
  • Travel pillow – make sure you’re well-rested by having supplies that help you sleep under any conditions. 
  • Unlimited data – travel is hard enough without worrying about cell phone data. 
  • Comfortable business shoes – walking in airports can be stressful. Look for a comfortable, professional shoe that is functional and stylish for professionals. 
  • A small notebook – a smart notebook lets you take notes and then upload to the cloud, but even a paper notebook can be handy when you’re traveling. You may need to quickly jot down information without having digital access.

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