If you’re a stay-at-home parent, there are many ways you can earn some cash while still keeping an eye on your children. Keep reading for five viable business ideas that are fantastic ways to boost your income.

Selling Crafted Items

If you have a passion for crafting items, you may be able to use that to make some money while watching your kids. At Forbes.com, contributor Jessica Bosari points out knitwear and pre-made scrapbook pages as two options. Art is another avenue you might pursue.


If you have the space for it and a green thumb, gardening is another great income booster. For instance, if you have a working knowledge of herbs, you can use that to grow the ingredients needed for medicinal teas and the like. If you’re good at growing flowers, you may be able to begin selling your plants to buyers like hotels, wedding planners, and florists.

Graphic Design

Among the business ideas listed in this article, graphic design requires perhaps the most communication skills. For success here, you’ll need to be proficient in design as well as able to work with clients to deliver the product they’re looking for. However, if you are strong in those areas, graphic design may be very lucrative.

Soap Making

Soap making is another activity that can be done at home to generate income. If done correctly, the profit margin on selling handmade soap can be quite high. For an overview on how to make soap, check out this article from The Spruce. (Don’t forget to obtain some attractive packaging for your soap, which can make all the difference to customers.)

Creating Gift Baskets

Everyone loves receiving a good gift basket. As a stay-at-home parent, you can tap into that market by creating your own gift baskets and selling them online or locally. Like soap making and other business ideas that rely on presentation, the packaging is important here.

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